Hi.  My name is Olivier.  Visitors or sponsors,  welcome to my site.  You are here for some serious  stories of  Arctic  sailing between  2017 and 2019.  You will witness  our preparations for a Nord West Passage  from Est to West in the summer of 2018.  We failed!  We  started again in 2019.  And this time we succeeded landing in Port Townsend September the 16 of 2019.


About “Breskell”

This is the story of one of a kind boat…..

Painting by my wife Coco
Sailing in Brittany: mother and my dad, the architect of Breskell…

The idea and the concept “ Breskell ” were born in the early 1984 from the close association of an architect, ma dad …

and my experience of the craftmanship as a shipwright.  I combined  that with 10 years of sailing experiences .  At that time, I was voyaging with my former boat “Breur Bihan” .

My first boat..

which I drew and built myself when I was 19 years old.  She was made of four layers of mahogany cold molded glued with “Resorsinol”.

Breur Bihan

Breskell is a much bigger boat.  A real and confortable passagemaker.

The hull of Breskell is built over laminated frames spaced every 50 cm. Each frame is 50 x 60 m/m

Breskell structure

On the outside,  layers of fiberglass clothes with epoxy cover protect the wood against abrasion.

Breskell is built of one layer of “ Niangon “ mahogany strip planking and 2 layer of “ grand Bassam” Mahogany 5m/m each, crossed at 45 degrees diagonal and cold molded with West System Epoxy.

The work started in March 1985. In September, the hull was done and turned over;

  • Getting out

the deck side up.

In June 1986, Breskell was launched for the first time.

Breskell has a center board allowing her to go in shallow water, up to 4 feet, like the Chesapeake bay or the intra coastal waterway. But its 10’ down centerboard makes her a very seaworthy boat and  comfortable at sea.
She is also built with twin rudders angled at 15 degrees. This specific design allows her to keep a strait course when sailing fast on the open sea.

  • Wood deck

That’s Breskell version 01.


Then we improved it during our Virginia stay.

That’s Breskell version 02.  My “YELLOW BRESKELL”.  We kept the twin angled rudders…

Two angled rudders and a center board

but we added a deck roof.   modified the keel…

A special swing keel down to 10 feet deep

and  added some nice features.  Do you like this personalized epoxy made wheel ?

Captain wheel..

 It worked perfectly  with my windvane during a long crossing.

My sailboat wheel

What about the frame supporting my wind generator and my solar panels? Epoxy made also…

Rear frame…


Back to the water again

  • Birth of new Breskell


  • Length: 51′
  • Width: 15′
  • Draft: 4′ to 10′
  • Displacement: 12 Tonnes
  • Mast: 58
  • Engine:
 84 HP , Model 4236
  • Breskell drawing

Since Breskell was built, we have been sailing from France to the Caribbean islands via Africa and United States back and forth

Caribbean crossing

With Breskell we made three Atlantic crossings:
one from Senegal to Martinique
, one, my wife from New York to France via the Azores, the last one, single-handed, up to Chesapeake bay via St Thomas, US Virgin Islands.  Here is a nice remembering of my solitary Atlantic crossing.

Solitary crossing in 2014 click on the picture for the travel log…
Plotting a serious crossing
  • Solitary crossing in 2014



In the summer of 2017,  I sailed Breskell  to the Arctic via St John Newfoundland and up to Disko bay.

A sailing dream..

This is hight latitude sailing at its best…

High latitude sailing

including  a sailing in the Ilulissat fjord…

Our next destination:


Returning Breskell in front of my school…