Commissioning Breskell (3)

After bailing out almost one ton of water out of the main salon and out of the captain cabin, it was time now for a more serious clean up. 

Moisture and the smell of mildew were everywhere.  Happily,  the summer’s days in Greenland are warm,  sunny and last until midnight!  Opening  hatches and portholes, I dried quickly the interior and got rid of most of the smells.
Eric, one of my crew member, came a few days later.  Together, we started seriously to commission Breskell for one summer of real adventures. 

What about the sails?  

We pulled the main and the gib out of the salon to the deck.  So far, so good.  Then, we raised them .  Sure, there were stained with some grey mildew but nothing to worry about their integrity.  Those strong sails are the working horses of my boat and not to be displayed in some nice marina.

Inside, nothing seems missing.  I could reassure the boatyard manager.  ” No need to call the police”.  But we found another leak explaining all this inside water.  Adding to the open companionway, the glass of my port side porthole in the main salon was broken…

Can you imagine what we discovered below?

Our poor cushions and my main settees were in badly shape and  underneath, the floor was looking bad.  

Normally, I really miss my wife.  But there are circumstances when it’s sometime much better for her to be far away.  She had invested a lot of energy and creativity in the coziness of our boat.  And for now Breskell was in a sorry state, like a house after some flooding . 

Not for long!

I was full of energy, dreaming each day’s about my future North West Passage.   The aesthetic and not the integrity of Breskell had suffered. Fresh air, sunshine, soap and a lot of hard work was all that we needed. Soon we started the real work, this time on deck.  I enjoy that.  No more house-shores.  Real mariner stuff.  Getting the stanchions back in place, installing some new gib tracks along the mast, fitting the wheel and all our navigational instruments, checking the anchor well and the windlass.

Many interesting things to do .  A few more days, and the boat was ready to be launched…

Remember my rudder?

I lost it just before hauling out the boat.  I need to solder it strongly back in place.   

Now we can go sailing again in those beautiful and challenging arctic waters.


The boat was ready to move, not the captain!

In fact, I cannot move at all:


That’s another story…