Sponsors 2017

My dreams… your help…


My personal thanks to my good friends at the SUNRISE COFFEE COMPANY in Port Townsend where we always receive a warm welcome with a cup of their special “NorthWest Passage ” coffee.

Our most comforting beverage trough the icebergs…

With many others coffees  selections at:


Strange as it looks, in Port Townsend after a steaming “North West Passage” coffee, why not enjoy close by a « Crêpe » at the « la crêpe de Quimper » food truck. This traditional Brittany delicacy is cooked the old fashion way by my beloved wife Coco, my son Theo or his wife Annie. Doing so, you are also helping me to bring Breskell  back home. Without their hard work, their support and their love, one crêpe at a time, the North West Passage would have not being possible. They are, with my beautiful daughter AZiLIZ, my best and beloved sponsor family team. To all of you members of my Breskell family  many many thanks again.

Crêpes de Quimper food truck

I want also to personally thank Bob and his wonderful team of “Admiral Ship  Supply” for keeping Breskell beautiful and presentable with their high quality and durable marine paints in the extreme conditions of the northern  latitudes.  In the heart of the shipyard, at the Port of Port Townsend
 305 10th St, Port Townsend, WA 98368 || (360) 379-9921 (tel:(360) 379-9921)



My thanks to Bob and his team

Want to talk about clothes?

Patagonia” and playing  in cold weather is almost synonymous.

  • With Patagonia


Southern latitude in Patagonia…North West Passage with Breskell … two destinations but one goal : keeping dry, warm and comfortable in those frigid waters. At “Patagonia” they have a long expertise in this field. Their specially engineered clothes and wetsuits protected us from the rigor of high latitudes. To them all, many many thanks from my crew and myself.


And now talking about food?

And behind the wall..

All boat captains know the importance of a good meal after a long and cold day at sea. The spirit of the crew depends on it. Let me extend a specific “thank you” to ROB and his wonderful team for their support. Rob, we depended heavily on your food in our high latitude sailing. And we got the best from Chimacum corner store. To all of you again, many thanks from my crew and myself for all those excellent meals.

Our local food from  all of you

I want also to thank:


Thanks for your help



Reading my blog you know how much we, sailors, depend on our <<iron sails>>.   Someday, the wind is nowhere. Sometime, in the middle of the night, we need to leave quickly an unprotected anchorage… My trusted but very old Perkins engine needed some specific doctor advises. I met Walt Trisdal, our best diesel surgeon on Port Townsend. Always helpful, always available, this mechanical genius explained me everything I needed to keep my battered Perkins healthy during my long trip to Greenland and later through the North West Passage. No web site for him. No fancy logo. His reputation is all he needs to be overbooked. My thanks Walt.

To conclude:

My home school..

Now, let me take this unique opportunity to offer my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the NorthWest School of Wooden Boat Building . I came to this school from so far away with an so unconventional curriculum and telling so strange seas stories…
Still, the school board trusted my stories and believed in my skills. They offered an old and traditional sailor an unique opportunity. They allowed me to teach their students about my lifelong passions: the sea, boats and the old tradition of wooden boatbuilding.
A dream job becoming a reality.
Being their ambassador and sailing my old Breskell from the east coast across the North West Passage to anchor her in the front door of my new home on Port Townsend is just my way to say to these wonderful people :


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