How to follow Breskell ?

You have  two ways to follow us during our 2018 summer North West Passage.

For my sponsors and all  those participating in my  fund-raising…


please don’t forget to give me YOUR EMAIL.

One of my team associate is going to send you a day to day email update thanks to my iridium satellite system.  In a way you are going onboard with us…

For the  followers of this blog, I  will give you a more general update of ours progress and naturally the beautiful pictures of our cruising grounds.

Failure is not an option…

Remember the famous words by NASA flight director Gene Kranz after an onboard explosion in the spaceship during Apollo 13’s mission?

Failure is not an option

Returning to Breskell , I feel just the same.  Not on the same scale and without a nation anxiously waiting for a hero’s return.  With a difference.

The NASA flight director sat safely at his desk, in a warm cubicle and supported by all his colleagues.

I have to lead my crew across a minefield of ice, growlers, icebergs and arctic currents.  My ass is on the front line!

Also, for me, failure is not an option.

First and foremost, I owe that to my family who supported me from the beginning: my lovely wife Corrine, my son Theo and his beautiful wife, my daughter Azilis.

I owe also a safe passage to my crew.

I carefully selected all of them. They are highly skilled outdoor women and men or professional filmmaker.

They know the risks. They understand perfectly that the North West Passage is not your average pop and mom Sunday summer cruise

I also received a lot of support from simple individuals, from institutions like my North West School of Wooden Boat and from some very well recognized corporate sponsors like Patagonia, Admiral ship supply, Sunrise coffee and others…

I owe them all also not to fail.

Finally there is my beloved Breskell. I made this boat from scratch, with my bare hands many years ago. I gave her a soul and sailed her all over the world. I don’t plan to leave my Breskell drifting alone during the next century in some arctic graveyard