Do you have any gun?

St John is a quiet Canadian sea town in Newfoundland.

To St John

A narrow entrance protects the harbour.

St John entrance

Registering with the port authority, the first think they asked was :”Do you have any gun ?”.
Sure I have a gun. I am an American! Our constitutional rights protect us against terrorists, bad guys or anything else…
In socialist Canada, they seem  alien to this notion of self-protection. Most of their houses are kept open. In this country, they left their guns when they got rid of their horses more than a century ago. We, Americans, left also the horses. But we kept our guns. In any case, they argue that when they travel to the US, they have hundred times more chances to be killed by some nice lunatic American gun lover than by any bearded certified terrorist. Canadian “alternative reality”? No need to spend time arguing.
They confiscated my gun!  With a smile.

And I went to work up  the mast.

An occasion to get a bird view of the harbour

Up mast