From dreams to lifetime memories.

Port Townsend.  Yard of the “broken dreams”.

Olivier, concluded somberly my friend Walt in front of an hilarious Leila, listen to your engine: it smokes badly and shudders dangerously.  Look at your hull: you poked it in many places and patched it many times…  Time to  haul out “Breskell” and book serious surgery in our famous yard of the “broken dreams”.

Port Townsend.  Yard of the “broken dreams”.

Mythical boats landed here before “Breskell”.  Some in a very sorry state…

“Joshua” (no apparent link with my crew member😂), the mythical boat of conservationist/minimalist sailing legend  Bernard Moitessier…

Joshua, the mythical boat of Moitessier.

landed before “Breskell” in this boatyard. The famous “golden globe” 40-foot red steel ketch winner was blown ashore on a beach at Cabo San Lucas in Baja California.

« Joshua » was partially refitted here.  She encountered a

A French maritime heritage sailing in La Rochelle.

new family and ignited other dreams.  Today “Joshua” belongs to the French maritime heritage.  She sails now from La Rochelle maritime museum.

My knee, my hull…

I know, I know, Leila, I have now some little epoxy jobs to consider:  on “Breskell” hull to had rigidity; on captain knee to increase flexibility 😂!

Many other dreams to chase Leila.

Others dreams to chase

After your Arctic ride, nothing out of reach…  Look at this « modern classic » woman traveler. Kate Harris, on her real bicycle followed the « little bike » running in her head.  Illegally from China across ill-fated Tibet then along the Silk Road.  Amazing dreams.  Fantastic travels. Far away from sailing? Read Kate Harris last words at the end of her awesome journey.  It’s all about our sailor/conservationist/philosopher from « Joshua »!  Kate conclusion about her ride:

« Bernard Moitessier had the right idea: after taking a generous lead in the inaugural Golden Globe of 1968—a year-long, solo, non-stop, round-the-world yacht race—he was so content at sea that he skipped the finish line, forfeited the cash prize and world record, and kept on sailing ».

And so Kate, a promising “Rhodes scholarship winner”, a Ph.D student, built herself a small log cabin close to a glacier in Canada.  Following more traditional roads, other women went for one (or two) Nobel price…

Many dreams…

Many dreams born here!  Much more chased around.. Numerous others broken…

Ultimate sailor..

Ultimate sailor!  My pride…  A personal tribute from a professional sea captain.
He pilots today the biggest ships sailing the world’s oceans on one of the dangerous seaway of North America.  Imagine: thirty years ago, I taught this 10 years old kid, skillfully sculling his dinghy on the Chesapeake, another forgotten traditional sailor skill.  How to swing from a sailboat’s halyard!  Famous Canadian Arctic captain Elsear Bernier demonstrates this ancien ability,  known today only to very few insiders
😂.  I borrowed captain Bernier “swinging picture” from the spectacular Instagram of her rear grand daughter!   It’s a small world!

“Maybe, I will be able to go beyond my dream…” wrote Moitessier in one of his famous book*.  *The Long Way. (New York: Sheridan House, 1995).

May be inside another one?

Why not simply get inside another one?

Dreaming one’s life is easy: close your eyes, follow your imagination and get lost into another mirage.  Living your dreams is another story.  Pedaling a « little bicycle » in your head it’s not enough. You need  a good hammer, plenty of epoxy, some really good partners and a lot of sweat.  And along with your sweat, a bit of luck!

Your dreams now…

It was a privilege to share this Arctic journey with you.  Our dreams fade now into lifetime memories.  Time for you to get on your bike…  Inspire us! Whatever your ride, don’t forget the planet.  Take care.  Last post about “Breskell” North West Passage.

Thanks you all, 🙏🏼🥰.

Port Haddock,  31 October 2020.