Heading for Newfoundland

Sailing is an impredictible adventure.  You need wind.  And our wind died at sunset.  Iron sail is the sailor’s name for their trusted engine.  Sadly, we <<iron sailed>>  with our Perkins engine for the next day.  Only during the last night we finally got some wind again.  For the captain’s delight,  a nice ride at an average of 7 knots. On a very flat ocean, we could feel Breskell  sliding  smoothly and  flying easily over the waves.  But again, just before sunrise, the wind died again, never to return.  So, after over 40 hours of motoring, we decided to refuel.  It was a necessity  to reach  safely St John in case the wind kept failing us like that …. Being close to shore we could stop any time.
Still we are having a great time.  Temperature is much cooler now and the ambiance on board is great;  so far, so good.  Everyone enjoys the life at sea aboard Breskell.   As sailors,  we hope to have some fair wind again very soon.

Nantucket is close… A place to be seen by the community of the rich and famous.
Those who dream  their life at sea but probably have never been out there for more than a few hours before returning to some hot showers and a nice meal. Still enough time to fill their Facebook accounts with pictures to share with friends in the next upscale marina.
Not a place for us ice wanderers.
Fuel was three times  more expensive than in the Chesapeake.  Docking?   One day fare was more expensive than a month in the Chesapeake.
<<Fill up and get out of there as quickly as possible>> were was my captain’s orders. Whales and dolphins are better neighbors than multi millions dollars  yachts. More friendly and less expensive also. The beauty of nature against the one built on money.
Up north we headed again…

Up north again