In Aasiaat: another “short cut…?” (6)

“They were having a birthday party and I had no choice but to accept the invitation…”  Others libations?    Another short-cut?

Pretty sure, this time my lovely wife is starting to read carefully this post..

Fog just lifted

Let’s start from the beginning…  Imagine 2:30 AM in beautiful Aasiaat.   The fog just  lifted out of this small port.

Waiting early morning for our alternator specialist

Time to go to bed for some <<night>> sleep, even if it’s always daylight in those hight northern latitudes. It’s now very quiet on Breskell with everyone lying peacefully in his or her berth.  Sweet dreams for all and then :” Boom Boom ” on the hull.  The captain is sleeping, but only on one ear and with one eye, a proved sailor technique learned in long solo crossing.  Nothing to worry today, nothing needing immediate action.  Our neighbor want simply to go fishing early and I need to move the boat. No hurry. He is waiting for a friend coming along to help. In the mean time, we share some already brewed coffee and together discuss our next destination.  He showed us what should be our next leg after Qeqertasuaq on Disko Island.

Our local guide…

No cruising guide for this remote area but with his local knowledge, we got the best of both worlds: no tourist and lonely anchorages. He recommended Illimanate.   A gorgeous place, where we can even encounter some whales. Coffee drunk, his friend there, we had to move.  They are leaving now…

Going back to bed?  

I have more urgent things on my mind. The boat alternator is not working properly. 

alternator and electrical work in the engine room

Eric is taking a look at it.  I gave a call to my good friend Walt in Port Townsend for his opinion .  Then, I went in town for some help.  On my way, and asking for alternator specialists, I end up invited by some nice local. Yes, said my new friend, I know someone.  And no need to hurry to meet him.  He will join us soon.  Sit and relax with us.  We are having a birthday party. 

No choice, but to accept this amiable invitation.  For some more libations…    For another “short-cut  may be?   No way.  I learned my lesson from the last one and if I ever forgot, my knee is always there to remember me of this unfortunate decision.  Some more coffee  but nothing else.  

After 45 minutes, our specialist shows up with the tool of his trade: an ammeter.  That’s becoming serious.  Returning to the boat, I tough that this time I was really lucky.  I got the right tool in the hand of the right guy. I was right…  only for the tool. As soon as I showed my alternator, this consultant explained, as  best as he could, in his own dialect , that in fact he knew nothing about alternators.  I got a real specialist.  Still today, I am not sure about his speciality .  My knowledge of the local language is improving by the day but very limited.  Understanding now what I was talking about, my friend made me understand that now, he knows a real pro ready to help.  And he even gave me a ride to this shop working in marine electrical systems .  Another professional .  Only in the shipping and recovering of marine electrical instruments.  We never do any repair here.  We ship to Danmark!  They have masters there operating in this complex field.  Naturally, there is no way for us to wait for so long.   So, we had done what every sailor working on his own boat in some remote area had always learned to do:  We sat down and took some time to devise a simple and rational approach.  Eric trimmed the cooling wings as they sometimes were brushing on the motor and cleaned up a few contacts around the rotor.  Believe it or not, there were some SHORTS on those parts…  But this time, we all stayed on tracks!  

My wife is now reassured.

For some, it was time to take a walk on land.  For others, to return to bed.   Before, we together agreed to leave “tonight “ for Qeqertasuaq.  Tonight just means very late today,  but still in full daylight!

Sailor paradise

A sailor paradise…