Surgery in a boatyard: part 2 (5-2)

Two talented artists decided to intercede on my behalf.  Neptune alone was not powerful enough.

Not anymore the rude bone setter approach previously used. No big hammer, no screwdrivers, no saws nor wood splints.  The skill of the best plastic surgeon is now required.

Some spectacular plastic surgery.

Time for the delicate brush of an artist.

The brush of a real artist.

I slowly fair the hull, gently hammering here, sanding again lightly there,

A work of love.

glueing and joining carefully the two parts of my beautiful ice-shield.

Slowly adjusting my ice shield

I remember my wife and my daughter working together this winter to offer me this masterpiece. I recognize that this eccentric idea of returning home our family boat through the North West Passage takes a toll on all of us.

A labor of love.

It’s a one in a life-time enterprise.  Not an easy one.  A dream around a yellow boat made not only of wood and epoxy but born from the skill of a naval architect who happened to be my father.  I sculpted her with my hand and drenched her with my sweat.  “Breskell” grew later with the invaluable contribution of every new member of my family.  Combine that with the precious tributes of all the people we met around her cockpit table and who signed our guest book, add all the memories gathered in the countries we visited.

And it was my daughter anniversary…

It’s Aziliz birthday today.  My daughter is getting seventeen. I have to call her later and set up a Face time “rendez vous”.  Sweet girl. Nice wife.  Lucky me!

The soul of my boat.

Now, try again to tell me, when bone tired, I go to my bunk at night that “Breskell” has no “soul”…

Look at “Breskell” daily gift  when I sip my morning coffee in my captain chair…

Breskell morning gift.

That beauty, that’s my life, that’s a dream coming true.  Morning happiness on the deck of “Breskell”.

A fragile and fugitive happiness.  I know that the iceberg drifting in the background this morning is melting too quickly. It happens everywhere , in Alaska, in Patagonia, in Greenland , in the Alps or in every other places on earth.  Watchdog of our climate, more than 9 000 billions tons of ice had disappeared since 1961.

Melting ice, raising sea.  Will need a boat?

Alone,  this premature thaw contributed to a sea level increase of one inch (2,7 cm) during this period .  About 25 % to 30 % of the global sea level rise.***

For a sailor it’s not a problem.

Daily, we rise and fall much more with tides.

But think about that, you urban land-dwellers living near the coast, in the US or somewhere else. Sooner, you can awake knee-deep in the water.

With no boat to climb on.



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