Gofundme private and corporate sponsors 2018

Private and corporate sponsors, this is my opening  campaign for my 2018 summer North West Passage

UPDATE :  18/04/2018:

Sailing of a lifetime around the ice-field of Greenland ?

1- I have some opportunities left for participants during my 17 to 28 July 2018 sailing between llulissat and Upernavik.

I am also selecting THE LAST CREW MEMBER for my 2018 North West Passage with Breskell

Interested in those opportunities? Please contact me directly by email at:


Hi, my name is Olivier.

My dream…. your help


This is my dream. I need your help.
Have you ever dreamed about :
– seeing the beauty of an Arctic North West passage from the deck of “Breskell” my lovely handcrafted wood sailboat?
– sharing the day to day interactions of a crew working together to overcome the challenges of high latitudes sailing?
– witnessing first hand some of the sad effects of “global warming”on the fragile eco-system of the Northern Territories?

Last year was my first GOFUNDME appeal to you.
Do you remember my 2017 promises?
“You can help make my dreams come true aboard my 51′ sloop “Breskell”.
During the Arctic summer of 2017, I plan on sailing Breskell to Greenland via Newfoundland and storing my boat on Greenland ‘s west coast in or near Nuuk.
The following Arctic summer, on 2018, I expect to sail Breskell home to Port Townsend through the fabled “North West passage”.

First of all , PRIVATE donors or CORPORATE sponsors, thank you all for participating in my 2017 campaign.

Now, let ‘s do a follow-up about my promises.
The sailing trip from the Chesapeake to beautiful Greenland was awesome with just the necessary hardships for making it worth remembering . In the fog or under the sun, the beauty of our first encounters with icebergs was unforgettable. There were many of them. Too many, unfortunately! Going up Kangerlussuaq Fjord, no glacier was reaching the waterfront any more. They all had recessed hight into the surrounding mountains. Instead of yesterday walls of ice dropping into the sea, we found now beautiful deserted beaches and good anchorages. One exception: the “IIULISAT glacier” (also know as the “Jakobshavn “). We sailed “Breskell” right to the edge of its front wall this summer. A scary but magic moment for the few of us. Not good news for the rest of you! This well-known Greenland jewel had retreated more than twenty thousand feet, almost four miles since 2004! Every summer for the last several years “my” glacier calving front has recessed about 2000 feet, ( 600 meters) farther inland than the summer before!
Onboard with us, Dominic Joyce, a London professional film maker, documented all that in his beautiful movie <<DISKO>>. Through the lens of an artist, you will discover the beauty of the Arctic both from the “eagle eyes” of Dominic’s drone and from “the down to the water” views from the deck of my sailboat .
Stories, pictures, links to movies, other small events of our journey and naturally our main sponsor’s logo and links are all in my up to date new blog :
Browse the posts to discover what we have done, day after day, thanks to your precious help. Enjoy!
Promises well-kept I am sure…
Incidentally , Breskell today is safe on its dry storage, north of the arctic circle, in Sisimiut, Greenland.

What about my new 2018 campaign ?
I am not an adventurer. I don’t need a rush of adrenalin for barely escaping death in some harrowing adventures for my Facebook followers . The front page of newspapers don’t give purposes to my life. I am just a hardcore sailor, a good boat-builder and a happy teacher without the deep pockets of big corporations or international organizations backing me up.
It’s why I am asking again for your help. I built “Breskell” with my bare hands, a lot of sweat and not much money to simply sail and enjoy the world. I planned just to follow what my ancestors from Brittany had done for hundred’s of years.
Can my children, yours grandchildren benefit from the same privileges today ?
In 2018, and with your help, I want to add another testimony as a simple seafarer to the already growing evidence coming from the scientific community. Researchers in their universities sitting at their desk use hard data, graphs and advanced statistical analysis. In the northern latitudes, sailors like me behind the wheel on the deck of theirs sailboats use their navigational skills, their eyes, their anchors to feel the seas, watch the weather or poke the ground, sharing sea stories and information from the locals. We use different tools and have different goals. Sadly, we come to the same conclusions than the scientists. We have already seriously damaged the inheritance of our next generation. Even worse, if we have borrowed the earth from our grandchildren , our loan is a highly toxic one.
Pebbles beaches now in place of calving front of glaciers, shallow mud anchorages in places of deep pristine icy water; last summer, I was your humble and personal eyewitness to this rapid physical deterioration of our world.
In 2018, I want to drill another good nail deep in the coffin of the climatoskeptics and of all others fake news makers. As a simple evidence of the sorry state of our planet, I plan to make a safe, well planned and perfectly executed North West Passage onboard Breskell.
My goal is to sail from SISIMIUT to DISKO bay then sail the passage between DISKO Island and the main land. Then up to UPERNAVIK. From there, I plan to cross the BAFFIN bay going to LANCASTER sound through the North West Passage and up to the BERING strait.
It’s not your “pop and mom” average summer cruise.
But I am not your “pop and mom” average sailor either.
How many North West Passage-makers have sailed solo across oceans ? Quite a few I suppose. Not a big deal… and I agree.
How many North West Passage-makers have built their own ocean crossing boat with their own hands and their own sweat? Already not so much I guess!
How many North West Passage-makers have spent a whole summer cruising the northern hight latitudes to learn about sailing in this icy and dangerous world? You tell me!
Now my point: if Breskell, a wooden hand-made boat is able to go safely if not peacefully through the North West Passage, this will also give another proof that global warming is already knocking on our back door.  Ice for the ocean is like the canary in the mine. The only difference is that we, humans, cannot run for the exit when the bird die. We are going to follow the meltdown just later. But ice is melting now! News beaches in Greenland mean that beaches elsewhere south are disappearing under water. Glaciers retreating back in the mountains mean that the oceans of the planet, as main regulator of our climate are sick and we are going to notice it now.


Your donation can help Breskell get underway again with the necessary safety and communication equipment , sailing quietly to the Arctic and through the  North West Passage…
A filmmaker/ photographer will be onboard to document our passage and the beautiful polar environment. Sadly also, he will witness some insidious “global warming effects” like the careful passage of Breskell through a slowly disappearing world of ice.
We will place business sponsors logos and all private donor’s names on Breskell if you choose to help us with our dream of a safe ice transit. Donate whatever you can to this GoFundMe  appeal for this voyage through the North West Passage.
I plan to bring Breskell back later where she belongs now: my home in Port Townsend, just in front of the “NorthWest School of Wooden Boat Building “. A long way from the shed in Brittany where she was born a long time ago! By this journey, I hope to show also to my students that by taking care of the soul of a wooden boat lovely handcrafted, they can also go a long way. First to discover our beautiful world being as close to Puget sound or as far as some Caribbean anchorages. Secondly to learn to take care of the earth, our common boat in space, the way they learn to take care of their own boat in our school.
Thank you very much.

  • 2-  DISKO movie
    A spectacular movie by Dominic Joyce…

    that you can get against a small contribution here for my 2018 campaign