Participants 2017

Some of the  pictures presented here came from real professionals.

The amazing “DISKO” teaser introducing  my blog was done by Dominic Joyce .  A filmmaker based in London

Dominic Joyce. Filmmaker

Please take some time to enjoy his site and his beautiful documentary at :

Amazing people.  They sure know how to take pictures.   They are also ready to take some pretty damned cold swim for that perfect shot…

Cold morning swim..

Right from whales territory…

An arctic seal view of Breskell

…or from drones they fly around with the albatross…

Flying with the albatross

They even took a swim in icy water to play with their tools

Greenland bath

Meet with these talented artists onboard Breskell

Stefan Andrew is an underwater film maker. He is also a biologist and an educator as well as a drone flyer.

Kiki Bosh diver

The beautiful woman swimming and playing in frigid Greenland waters in a previous picture with a red drone is Kiki Bosh.  A “free diver” in icy water…

The other member  of this amazing underwater team is Kingsley Griffin also an underwater film maker.  As a  biologist, he has taken many samples of waters and algae  around Breskell. His concerns with warming of the northern waters has pushed him to take also many temperature measurements.

Kingsley Griffins, underwater film maker

A visit at their educational site is a must. From the icy waters  of Greenland to some warm waters reefs, amazing pictures of the natural wonders of our beautiful planet are presented.  All of those with the same purpose than mine:

“Make our planet great again”