They had fun… and a long list of “to do” things (2)

They « horse-dragoon » decorated  Breskell and then played pirates during the winter.

They had fun.  What about their more “serious” North West Passage preparations?

Don’t worry.   Like all sailor’s commissioning their boat in spring , I own a long “to do” list.  Some necessary upgrades and lots of obligatory repairs.

Upgrades ?

Sailboaters are on the front line in the efficient energy battle. They use the wind to travel far and away. And to charge their batteries.  My wind-generator had seen  a better time.  Noisy, rusty and totally worn-out, I plan to upgrade for a more efficient one.

Behind me, my wind generator. Almost as old as the captain

Flexible solar panels are now more reliable than their first counterparts.   Some of them will adorn my beautifully repaired dodger thanks to  “Blue star sails & Canvas” in Chattanooga.

Blue star sails & Canvas” in Chattanooga.

Depthsounder is also on the list and that went on and on. Don’t let me get you bored with it.

Repairs ?

1-  The most spectacular restoration .

A good size hole…

It will be the patching of two holes punched by some aggressive growlers in my bow.  Looks like a major task.  Not for me.  I enjoy working with fiberglass and epoxy.  I gave birth to the whole boat this way.   Mending the bow is not a big deal.  Breskell had being before in more tight corner…

Breskell in tight corner before…

And imagine later gluing on my fresh epoxy plaster my gorgeous “horse- dragoon” shield.

I promise you a front page picture of my new dashing « Breskell » in the St John Royal Yacht Club for her grand opening season of my 2019 North West Passage.

2-My electric roller furler motor failure

  You probably don’t remember my electric roller furler motor failure.  The switch stayed on.  Some short in the electrical system.  Enough to burn out the motor.  Beyond repair.  This furler is so out-dated that finding some factory part was impossible. I had to find and adapt a new motor.  And being at work on the bow, I need also a brand-new 12 mm stainless steel wire for the forward halyard.  My mast is going to stay in place.

Feeding the family ?

Figuring out necessary Breskell’s parts, playing the Caribbean pirates, finding a new crew or decorating the boat don’t necessary bring much food on a sailor table. So what a Brittany sailor starts for feeding his family?

A “food truck” evidently.

What about a food truck?

Selling what ?

“Brittany pancake you said… “

Pancake on my BINICKS..🥵

Again, never this word in front of my wife Corinne who manages this business and hires myself as her handyman.  She carefully prepares and cooks  “ crêpes de Quimper “ on her two specially imported “BINICKS”, the Brittany name for those expansive crepe makers. Thin like Brittany lace, crispy and mouth watering they belong now to some well-established local delicacy.

Our food truck

Not to be mingled for, and far above the fat, mushy mouth filling and belly bursting traditional American pancakes!

When ready to order in our food truck in local Port Townsend market, slowly repeat after me :

“crêpes de Quimper “.

Forget definitely the rude word “pancake”.

And with your order, you will even get a big smile!

Crepes de Quimper with a big smile…

That said, there is a certain amount of “crêpes de Quimper” that you can sell for supporting this project.

So, don’t  hesitate to share our story.  And every single one of your support and help is welcome and would be wisely used.

Contribute to my gofundme 2019 campaign

Or buy my little book…

A nice gift

And finally the “buzz”

With “Breskell”, our new documentary, the “buzz” started first on some local stage. 

The first public presentation of “Breskell”

I got an appreciative public response for this beautifully crafted documentary done by Dominic Joyce.

Breskell, the documentary

Later, I gave a great interview to KPTZ  with Chris Bricker, our local radio host. With Chris, we planned a “one minute, once a week” live phone call from the sailing road to the North West Passage.

Our community, in Port Townsend, will be able to keep track of “Breskell” with KPTZ  and on line at their site at

And slowly, I plan to build on that.  No hurry.  Canada, France, with well-known festivals in Quebec or in La Rochelle figure on my agenda.

I even posted in “French” to share my first experience with a larger audience interested in our wooden-boat building school, our traditional skills and our Arctic sailing.

I hope to present this documentary in Canada and in France…

Few “captain-owners made boats” went through this fabled passage. For those of you, in the Coast Guard or elsewhere, worrying about an overcrowded Passage with another new trend in the mass media : my easy solution.   Want to avoid in the near future what happens now in the Himalaya with another “bucket list” of things to do for the new fortunate few?  An over crowded fashionable sailing destination for the next century:

North West Passage… the new media trend for the next century?

Simply require  the North West candidate to built her or his own boat.  Prove her seaworthiness and that of her captain with an offshore experience of at least a few thousand miles. Single handed recommended but not obligatory.

Simple rules and really efficient. The most fortunate one will choose to build in aluminium. A good choice but a difficult and very expansive task. Next choice will be metal. Strong and cheaper.  Very few will adopt wood, a “strong wood” coated with epoxy.  And let’s bet there will be only one  yellow “cold molded wood/epoxy” and “horse-dragoon” beautified sailboat: « Breskell ».

At least, It’s what I saw in my dream.

To paraphrase a well-known French writer :  “make your life a dream and your dream a reality ( Saint Exupéry).

And that’s a lot of work my friends.  So back to earth for now…

Deadlines …

Let’s start from the opening of the  North West Passage.  I would love to be close to Bellot  straight around August 15th   to watch and wait for the ice movements.

I plan to stop before in Sisimiut, Greenland to refuel. Let’s say to sail there in the beginning of August.

We should say hello to our sweet Inuit friend BERDA during our few days there.  Back at sea aiming for Lancaster sound afterwards.

That give us a sailing departure from Newfoundland no later than July 15th.

A month of preparation in the Royal Yacht Club…

Damn it …

I need to close my suitcase, (my mariner bag!) right away.

And still so many things to do.

Want to keep track of our progress?

My Facebook account

or our special new page tracking Breskell path home.

Go to this page and bookmark it..

There, you will get our position once a day.  If, for any reason, during one day or more, we missed our schedule, don’t worry too much about “Breskell”.  Up north, Nature always made  the FINAL decision according to its own agenda. We have to negotiate about wind, waves, currents and the resulting movements of ice in the Strait .  Most of the time, they cooperate with our forecasts.  Nature could also be a capricious and sometime abusive boss ! Some pages of its agenda are often missing. Safety first for Breskell and her crew. Eventually, we could have to take coverage and stay out of reach for a few days until it quiet down up there.

For now enjoy your summer and

Let make our planet great again.

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