Chesapeake: outfitting and provisionning Breskell

Quiet boatyard…

Arming and provisioning  Breskell for some serious ice sailing was done in a nice and quiet Chesapeake boatyard .

Not an easy fix

Not always an easy task.  High latitude sailing need a lot more planification than your normal cruise in more moderate  climate.  Marinas are few or no existant.  Your familiar West Marine store?  Not anymore around!

We spend  3 weeks of intensive work to prepare Breskell for her ice sailing.  Classic bottom painting for sure.

Bottom paint

But I spent also a full day up the mast to be sure the radar is working properly.  Our life in the middle of ice field or icebergs  depends heavily on it.  The sum of all those little investments done in the boatyard is paying  big return up north.

And what about the provisionning and the long list of errants before going to sea?

We finally headed up at sea one  Friday. A last stop in Deltaville to fill up with diesel.
Then we started our North trip…  but going south !  The bridge tunnel mark the entrance of the Chesapeake.  Our last south heading for the next future.  We were fortunate.  North wind helped us sailing down this well know cruising ground.

Quiet evening at sea

In a very dark night  at around 11:00 pm we passed the bridge.  Now we headed NE aiming for Newfoundland. My goal?  One straight leg to ST John  in Canada.

Sailing north finally!